September 11, 2007

Remember to Soar

I remember 6 years ago today,
I became hyper-aware that I am proud to be from the United States.
I am proud of those who work in jobs
in order to help and heal others,
and I am proud of everyday people.
On September 12, 2001, I remember feeling
that I needed to simplify my life,
I needed to remind people in my life
of how precious they are to others,
I felt the need to find comfort
in family, friends, and familiar things.
I am hyper-aware that I am proud to be from the United States,
and I am fascinated by other countries.
I am still proud of everyday people.
I feel the need to simplify my life - more.
I am more comfortable letting
those around me know what they mean to me.
I feel braver -
willing to spread my wings
and soar where my spirit takes me.
I feel the beauty of the human spirit.
Remember to soar.


Heather said...

:) That is lovely!

Kim G said...

Sometimes we need to remember that we can soar. Thanks for that reminder.
Kim G