October 27, 2007

Road Trip!

Apologies if the last two months of blogging have been lacking,
but now I can explain why...
Looking for a new job;
after a few offers were declined-
found a wonderful position at an Illinois-based
outpatient aquatic therapy facility,
working full time on contract.

Driving about 75 miles/115 kilometers each way
with interesting scenery every mile along the route.

Also on the lookout at sunrise and sunset
for deer who may decide to try to cross the Interstate,
as well as for state troopers in their ever-changing vehicles
(mustangs, camaros, pick-up trucks, etc.)
not that I ever speed, but...

New jobs are always intimidating the first few weeks
with each side sizing up the competition,
and making sure they follow the stated and unstated
protocols of the office.
As if I am trying out for a school play...
Is my hair OK?, Am I wearing the right clothes?
Do they like me?

The play opened this week
we will see how the reviews turn out.


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