December 22, 2007

A Boa Named Noah...

Luke's last day at work yesterday
and stories about his boa constrictor
named "Noah"
at the pizza joint last night...
I didn't believe you Luke,
so you called your brother
to verify the story...
He even knew the breed of your snake!
Good luck in Texas
Maybe we'll meet again on the road.

Found some funny lyrics by "Hot Snakes",
not sure what's their music sounds like,
but I liked the sentiment:

Your minutiae Your perks Your perspective
My paperwork Your system Your appeal
Your records
My paperwork
Your labor of love
My paperwork
It's pretty clear to me
Any upside I'll ever see Is gonna have to be
Underwritten by you Your place in history
Supposed to be
An incentive to me?
Your arrangements Your score Your standings
Your impropriety Your tenacity Your philanthropy
Your merits
My paperwork
It's piling up

-by Hot Snakes


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