February 26, 2008

Items of Note

Funny view last night:
1970's VW bug driving down a street in Santa Fe
with an old leather suitcase lashed on the roof rack.
Large label on the side of the suitcase; "I Have Baggage".

Blogger promotion:
Last night I got attacked by my first attempted virus
(and I've been a Bloggerite since 1st of May, 2007),
while logged onto Blogger -
today "Lapito" and I are doing fine, thank you!

Other update:
Today I will be officially licensed
in New Mexico!
Celebration tonight!



Anonymous said...

woo hoo! Congrats.

curious irony in the closest spanish word to "Lapito", eh? How many people are chained to their electronic "tombstones," just willing away the hours at work? Not so much me, but some poor S.O.B. somewhere, for sure. You lucky dawgs, you.

Well, that's the deep thought for the day.

P.S. Hope i haven't sent this twice. Not sure I understand the new sign on thing for Blogger.

M said...

The OTHER Spanish term that "lapito" is close to is "El Pito" which is slang for cigarette.
I am sure someone out there is chained to laptop, smokin' away...
I think of a tombstone as the permanent object of art; left behind after a person "moves on", which tells at least part of the story of their life...