March 27, 2008

Playing Favorites

What is your favorite place?
When I think of my favorite places
they are usually concrete, specific locations,
at a certain time of day,
certain season,
with specific players "on stage" with me.
And yes, I have several:

First on the list:

Maderia Beach, Florida
on the gulf coast
of the Atlantic ocean,
the way I remember it;
not the way it has been bulldozed
and built-up now.
Very late summer,
or very early fall; the beach is quieter,
children are back in school,
but velvety sand holds warmth of the season,
digging toes into soft, cream-colored blankets of sand.
Very early morning, before even the sunrise,
when blues and pinks and purples of the ocean match
their dark reflections in early sky.
Walking along that magic area between
dry and wet
warm and cool
with bits of tiny shells
caressing my feet and ankles
as they swirl in a tide.

My challenge to you?
Let me hear your thoughts
and votes
favorite place.

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