March 06, 2008

Snow Day

Our first experience with a "snow day" in Santa Fe
6.5 inches since last night.
Schools were closed, but with temperatures in the mid 40's
today, most of the snow is gone this evening.
Also my first official day of employment.


I've also posted J's studio's Blog site -
currently only work by the instructor,
but may have student entries in the future.


Anonymous said...

I see you in the last picture on the end from the studio party, but as usual, John is hiding! L/Elle

Anonymous said...

Oh, and 6.5 inches? Wah, Wah! Talk to me when you've had 40 for the whole winter. l/elle

M said...

Well, actually on the same day that DOWNTOWN SF got 6.5 inches of snow - the (SDC) mountain(about 5 miles away) got an ADDITIONAL 30 inches to its several feet of base. In one day.