July 23, 2008

Treasure from SF Folk Art Market


Ruth said...

Who'd have thought you'd see so much beautiful non-Native American or Mexican art! Did you see any Day of the Dead art? I love the day and the art that goes with it. I have some little skeleton figures I bought in Mexico.

J/M said...

Yes! In fact the blog site I found while looking for a quote sells much of the Day of the Dead art. The owners of the store sponsored an artist from Mexico to attend the Santa Fe Folk Art Market, but we did not locate his booth. Go to:

e-e baby said...

When I/we come to visit I definitely want to go art shopping. I hope you don't mind a) that I am inviting myself to come and b) that I hope you will take me art shopping. Colin hates it!


J/M said...

Sure, Beth - As soon as I'm back on my feet, we would welcome both of you! We have a spare room if "you want to travel cheap", and there are several inexpensive hotels/old Route 66 motor-lodges around town.
Give us a date, and we'll figure it out.