January 20, 2009

Soon To Travel Home

I am hoping soon
to add photographs
of my hometown
and friends/family,
but have been limited
with my access
to the internet.

Plans for heading home
(gosh, that sounds nice!)
are going well.

The home we have known
for 20+ years is shaping up
and glowing with new paint,
shiny wood floors,
and some new fixtures.
We will put the
"For Sale"
sign out this weekend,
and hope for a few friends,
and friends-of-friends
to pass through the halls
and admire the home's 1928 style.

Final packing has commenced.
And we are using USPS
to mail some very
items to friends in far-off places.
-Anna, we hope
you and Adam enjoy
the fencing masks
and foils
in Anchorage!
-Terry & Judy,
I could think of
no better place
for my collection of
flamingos -
than Florida!

Can we pack everything
we need
into a single room?
into a single truck?
into a single pod?

I think we can
and will.

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