February 17, 2009

New Mexico Luna

Blurry cat
on floor behind car seat
75 miles per hour
somewhere in Texas...?

East window in her casita.

West window.

Luna seems to have settled in now.
Has not quite figured out
where to sleep
during the day
or at night.

Or, why we do not wish
to be woke up
at 5 a.m.

Birdfeeders are filled
and she is
the views.



Silver Fortress said...

Hello Marty! It's been a while since I've visited your blog and it looks like you and John have been very busy! Congratulations on your move to Santa Fe!! - it's always been a favorite place for Tim and I to visit (mostly because of lovely friends, the green/red chile combo, and high desert sunshine).
Speaking of green chile - in December, I finally made the green chile stew that you sent us. It was SO delicious!! Thank you again for the care package!
wishing you and John the best,

Lisa Lockheart said...

Hmm.5 a.m. in SF is really 6 a.m. QC time. So maybe she's letting you "sleep in?" How does Luna feel about the howling dawg next door?

Elizabeth said...

I love blurry cats... They are either blurry or stone still. Isn't that true?

My house breathes like the cat in naptime. I have her to keep me company, even if she sleeps.