March 08, 2009

Gran Torino

I had a girlfriend in high school
who owned a 1970's Gran Torino.
It was huge
and red,
with a red-to-gold stripe
running the length of each side
and loud
and beautiful,
in a sleek and powerful way.
And a for a petite 17-year old girl;
driving such a vehicle
gave her presence.

It was also
horrible to maneuver
in the snows of Illinois,
difficult to park in a small garage,
and you could not see very well
out the tiny
ill-placed back window.

But it was a wonderful first car.
And I think it gave those who saw her
driving such a muscle car
an appreciation for this tiny girl's
own power and control.

I thought of her
and the car
and the power;
after watching "Gran Torino"
this evening.

She fought prejudice
through grade school
and high school
(and maybe beyond).
But she always seemed
tough enough
to handle the slurs
and the ignorance.

Dani will always be
as tough
as Clint Eastwood
in my book.


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