March 05, 2009

Saving Daylight

Daylight Savings Day.
Can someone please explain this whole concept to me?
Yes, in the fall, we "gain" an hour
(to sleep, or stay out later at a bar, or just to think),

But in the spring we simply lose an hour.
Is this concept like "losing weight";
if we lose "it"
does someone else have to "find it"?

And if saving time/losing time
is necessary
(as it probably was during harvesting and planting seasons -
when it was first suggested to assist the agrarian societies
who needed extra light to complete their chores)
is it STILL necessary?

OK I'll drop it.
J says I'm being like Andy Rooney
discussing saving time.

Top: Sunset, Argenton Chateau, France, June 2007.
Middle: Sunset, East Moline, Illinois, October 2007.
Bottom: Sunset, Santa Fe, New Mexico, one year ago - today.


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