April 12, 2009

The Amercian Dream - Contest!

In the 1980's when J & I were first married,
we both believed
our American Dream
consisted of:
2 jobs
2 cars
buying "the first house"
and filling the house;
(from garage - to basement -
to main level - to attic)
with furniture
a large TV/stereo
sporting goods
gardening/lawn tools
"hobby supplies"
camping gear
several kitchen appliances
seasonal decorations
and lots of clothing.
Which worked for about 20 years.

J commented a few days ago
that we have "let go" of that description.

Our new American Dream:
Rent, don't own.
Simplify clothing, hobbies, tools,
appliances, decorations.
Enjoy other things.
Repeat daily.

As you know I LOVE comments on my blog:
What is your American Dream?
Or your (insert other country here) Dream?

I will sponsor a contest:
Email me, or comment at this blogsite
with your American Dream response.
Comment with your name - sorry, no anonymous replies!
Contest now through May 15th.

J & I will be judging all entries.
Multiple entries from the same person
will be allowed and encouraged.
Written submissions, photographs, and
photos of artwork will all be allowed.
Bribes, unfortunately, will not be allowed.
All ages encouraged to compete.
The winner (and all other entries)
will be posted,
and a "Lovely Santa-Fe Prize"
will be presented/sent to the winner.

Let the contest begin.


Deborah Allison said...

The American Dream: To be able to follow your individual dream with the focus and energy required. To not be distracted by the Jones next door. To let the family say "sure they are the crazy ones, but the seem happy". And finally (for the moment)to have friends that love the fact that we are "crazy", 'cause they are "crazy", too!
Debbie (but you knew that!)

globalgal said...

Hmm.. I'm a little behind with this...

I was a little surprised to look up one day and realize that to find the American Dream I had to leave America. And found it I did, with a Spanish husband in the wilds of the world. From Central America to Europe to Canada to Asia our American Dream has become a global procession accompanied by love and two suitcases. Because that's all we really need. No more debt. No more car. (Never had a house anyway.) We don't need to keep up with any Jones's; we don't need lots of toys. We have good days and bad days, but that's what life is about. The dream is to travel, do the things that make us happy and take care of one another. What else could we want?

Elizabeth said...

Visit my blog to see my response! Thanks for the inspiration... I even stayed up late to write it!


LindaJ said...

My American dream hasn't really changed all that much over the years. The only difference is that now it includes a grandson. And now I am living my dream.

Our paid for home is 60 years old. My car is a 1998 model. Our retirement accounts have gone south.

But our children are raised, and have become responsible adults. Our health is fairly good.

The only thing that would make me more content would be to see the grandson every day.

Cookie said...

The American dream means being able to pursue your dreams regardless of color, race, gender, background, financial status or religion you are, or whether you have a physical or mental disability. Living the American dream means having the freedom to accomplish our life's goals. I truly believe that the American Dream is controlling our own destiny and becoming successful in whatever our heart desires.
The American Dream is a very personal thing. Everyone's belief on what the American Dream is can be as different as night and day, but there is one common thread between everyone's dreams, and that is to live a better life financially, socially, etc. than our parents did.

Sylvia B

J/M said...

Hi! Thanks for your entry in my blog's
American Dream Contest. I was thrilled to receive some entries from people I have yet to meet! Just a few questions: How did you find out about my contest?
(I guessing through your own studies through YOUR blog right?) I will keep your information as the contest comes closer to ending - in case I need to get an address to send a prize!
Thanks again - great entry! Marty

J/M said...

Linda J - PLease know that I really appreciated your entry - but I will need more information about you if you win this contest! Please comment back and let me know how you heard about this contest, and how I can get in touch with you! Thanks again for your great entry.'

Lisanne624 said...

I think the American Dream would just have to be the idea that we are all given as children: that you can be anything you want to be, and there are opportunities for all. I think Americans generally have a boundless sense of optimism and enthusiasm that attracts people to our country from all over the globe. The American Dream is that anything is possible!

msgulliver said...


I took for granted 'The American Dream' my entire life, because even growing up in a lower middle class lifestyle, I knew I already had it. 60 years have passed, and the world has changed. Now I see what other countries think of us, and I am embarrassed. My American Dream is that the people who were born here get over their righteous, pompous, entitled, self-serving attitude. How can it be an 'American Dream' if no one likes us?!? I do see it changing now, for the better, so maybe my vision of 'The American Dream' is on the horizon.