June 28, 2009


Bob survives
without a bed
(for the most part) without people
without regular meals.

He has learned that every day
he must protect himself
from fierce opponents.
He is probably less than a year old.
Weighs less than 10 pounds.

But he has a big heart,
and a nice singing voice.
I hope to convince him to come with me
to the local Humane Society.
Unless you can help?



Deborah Allison said...

Bob looks like a sweety. So glad he's back. Not a brother for Luna?
All the best in your search for a home.

Lisa elle said...

Poor Bob. Need I remind you, however, that this is how you ended up with Luna? Naming is the first step . . .I swear, you're on some kind of cat facebook.

J/M said...

MAGGIE named him - so that makes him - hers!