July 09, 2009

Not Bob

I found a brand new collar
(small enough for a cat)
today in our backyard;
blue with a hand-made tag
and a phone number...
I called and left a message,
she called back;
"My cat keeps slipping out of the house...
He lost his last collar and was gone for five days...

I finally found him at the Humane Society...

Then I bought him a new (blue) collar...

And hand-made a tag with his name and my phone number...
He's a little guy, tiger-striped

kind of looks like a bobcat with a scar on his face
His name is Edghar
and he is missing again".

Yep - same cat.
J and I and our neighbor
are now (again)
on the lookout

he will come back
to be reunited with his collar
and his owner

1 comment:

LL said...

Any reuniting news?