August 09, 2009

Cleaning the Porch - With Help...

was "let's clean the porch day".
I spent the day
hauling everything off our porch,
(2 bikes, 2-3 boxes of tools,
art supplies, art easels, paint cleaning supplies,
litter box, bike supplies, cat supplies, hiking supplies,
car supplies, 2 very large suitcases filled with "stuff",
shinkendo equipment, watercolor supplies,
camping equipment, gardening equipment,
"Obama for President" sign, lawn chairs,
clip lights, flashlights, light bulbs, extension cords,
2 of the 3 shelves,
... And on and on)

As as I was making my third or fourth trip from inside
to outside with arms-full of stuff,
I had a sweet friend
stop by to help.

Bob the cat
whose real name is "Edghar the Great" -
at least that is the name
engraved on the tag
of his new harness.
He was not a huge help,
but his "mom"/owner was amused ,
when I called her,
that he would come back to visit
that mean lady who had thrown him in a carrier
and hauled him off to the Humane Society
for a week-long adventure.

He stopped by again today
but he decided he would not help me this time:
Bob/Edghar does NOT do windows.



krista said...

He IS awfully cute. Thanks for food, by the way. Can't wait to hear what you think about the movie.


lisa said...

Bob is back! Glad to hear the coyotes (or howling dogs) haven't gotten to him. lisa