August 02, 2009

Father of Waters

There was a marketing ad
used in the late 70's and early 80's
about my hometown.
I lived along the Mississippi River
and the story went like this:
When the Father of Waters first formed this river,
he created it in a straight, strong line
running through the middle of the nation
from northernmost states
to the southern states;
but along the area of my hometown
the Great Spirit was so taken with the beauty of the area
that he stopped, and turned for a second look...
And it is at this point the Mississippi River
turns from its north-to-south route
and flows from east -to-west;
formed by the beauty of the countryside.

and yes -
the beauty of my hometown
forces one to stop and turn
for a second look...

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lisalockheart said...

nice photo, kid.