August 30, 2009

Worry Harvest

Every year in Santa Fe
a large flammable puppet
(around 40' tall)
representing "Old Man Gloom"
is build and brought
to a local park.

The puppet ("Zozobra"), is filled and stuffed with contributions
of frightening drawings
and worries
and gloomy thoughts
and dark ideas
and sad memories
and anything bad
that is needed to be rid of.

On Thursday, September 10th
following a fun-filled and rowdy day
of dance and music and general merry-making
just around sunset...
Old Man Gloom
is burned,
and along with his image;
all of the gloomy thoughts
are removed from those lives
they were troubling.

If you wish to contribute;
I will be delivering
any and all gloomy thoughts
that need to be erased.

I'll be dropping off a collection of
on Wednesday, September 9th.

For a more complete history
check this site at:

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