September 23, 2009

Cat-Faced Orb Weaver (a.k.a.) "Charlotte"

A note about our little "family member":
Charlotte, the Cat-Faced Orb Weaver spider
first appeared
building a web in our front window
this past spring.
she has more than doubled her size,
(and I believe her younger relative
is now working construction near our front door...)

She is helpful;
keeping our insect population
(including large flies)
to a minimum.

She is dependable;
if someone visits who has a fear of spiders
she waves from the other side of the window,
and if someone is curious to see her - she hides.

She is athletic;
springing from one side to another of her
3 foot wide web
in seconds.

She is NOT poisonous
and will not bite

And soon she will hibernate
and come to visit
next spring.

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