September 15, 2009

Joy of Travel

if you had $5000
to spend on a spur-of-the-moment
Where would you go?
What would you do?
How long would you stay?

What about $500?

What about $50, 2-3 days,
a full tank of gas, and a couple of maps...

Imagine it,
and tell me about YOUR
travellers joy.



Amy said...

With less than $5k apiece, we are going to Thailand to work on the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project for Habitat for Humanity. If Scott's work allowed, I suppose we could spend the rest of the $5k to stay there a bit longer and site see. With a bit less than $500, we went to MN over Labor Day, saw an awesome "Bodies" exhibit, went to Como Park Conservatory, shopped and visited friends. $50 and a full tank of gas and some maps, I'd still like to see the Lincoln Library in Springfield.


Lisa Lockheart said...

5,000 - I'd hit the gathering in Scotland and retrace the steps of all those Lockhearts, Morrisons and Maitlands who left home for the new hope of America. I'd still have money for beer and scotch with that budget!

$500? Well, that's easy. Santa Fe is nice, I hear.

$50? Reexploring Highway 20, or Highway 52 North to Decorah, where all the autumn leaves will be blazing - that would be WAY cool.

Hmm. There are some wineries up north . . .Lisa