March 09, 2010

OK Again

A few notes about becoming a Feldenkrais Practitioner:
I was enrolled in a Feldenkrais Training Program;
but following some professional differences,
have resigned from one program
and am looking into other programs of study.
Feldenkrais Training Programs
are held all over the world;
but I am limiting my search to areas
where I am fluent in the language
can afford the tuition
can afford lodging or have friends nearby
and am greatly impressed with the instructors.

Although Milan, Italy sounded like fun,
and I've always wanted to travel to Australia.

here I come.

NOW I can think about wearing those socks...


Anonymous said...

Good luck in your future travels and further education.

Krista said...

California is the perfect match for those socks! (But wait! I want you to stay in NM because I am more likely to get to see you guys here than in CA...) Depends on which part of California, of course... Lots and lots of people are in/talking about being in the Bay Area. If you guys were there too it would give me excuses to visit.

Ruth said...

What's that saying that goes something like life is what happens while we were making other plans?

lisa said...

what socks?