April 30, 2011


April has been melancholy:
Looking forward to new life and regrowth
for the too many close friends;
I know the heaviness in my heart is from my hundreds of prayers
going out all over the country.
Tears spill as I remember; I remember so many great friends,
and I try to smile while calling back in my memories
to the many times we smiled together.
To Janet,
and Mojo,
and Chick,
and now Armin...
Hoping it was a comforting and painless move to a better place.
I send continued prayers to other friends
who are in current struggles;
in the hope they will know of my prayers and my smiles
when I think of them and wish them...



Trish aka "Tea" said...

and on we go

Trish aka "Tea" said...

The fullness of joy is experienced more deeply when we allow ourselves to feel the fullness of loss.