June 19, 2011


Thirtieth High School Class Reunion registration check mailed. "Check"
Purchased airline ticket across four states/high season $400+. "Check"
Initiated "social network" connections with high school friends. "Check"
Considered diet and decided good food is more important. "Check"
Called friend to crash on her couch during reunion - she agrees. "Check"
Contact initiated with friends from MORE than 30 years ago. "Check"
Throwing an "Elementary School Reunion" for 32 classmates. "Check"
Reserved "Pizza Joint" for Elementary School Classmates. "Check"
Planning Memorial for 4 Elementary School friends we've lost. "Check"
Expensive "outfits" for reunions? I like Goodwill better. "Check"
"Mom,can I borrow your car?" "OK, but fill up the tank!" "Check"
Going home again?
Listening to 80's music again?
Seeing old friends again?


Full Frontal Honesty said...

Love that photo! Brings back memories... Wish I could make it back at the same time but, alas, it was not to be. Have an extra slice of Frank's for me! - Martha N.

Amy said...

It doesn't appear that Lisa has aged one bit.