June 28, 2011


I grew up in a town where flooding was a real possibility.
I knew the terms "flood stage" and "sandbagging crews" from an early age.
I remember the flood of 1965; because our rowboat was tied to our porch
and the water created our front and side yards.

Now I live in a state where fire is a real possibility.
I'm learning the terms
"fire edge"
"air tanker"
"controlled burn"
"hotshot crew"
"red-flag day"
"let-burn policy"

and the term which gives fire an evil personality:
"fire behavior"

(Fire fighting terms)

The Los Alamos "Las Conchas" fire is approximately a 60 mile drive from Santa Fe,
(and about 45 miles as a raven flies or smoke blows).
The good news is that evacuees are being directed toward Santa Fe.
The bad news is those evacuees only had 24-48 hours to leave their homes.

Albuquerque Journal

after looking at the dramatic photos I realized:


What Would I Take?

All living breathing things:
family and pets with sufficient food and water.
Photos and documents
impossible or difficult to replace.
Electronics: computer, cameras, phones and chargers.
Hard to replace books.
Generational keepsakes/jewelry.

I would hope to have time to photograph all belongings "staying behind"
for insurance purposes.

I would try to only take what was necessary, and try to offer space in our cars to others.

And I would hope that none of it was necessary.

I hope I never find out WWIT.

And I send out silent prayers as I watch the smoke blow by.

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