May 06, 2007

"Don't ever wait"

We're at our favorite coffee cafe (hmmm, and I don't even drink coffee), had a great time at the party hosted by Lisa at Le Meduse - a cozy little cafe in downtown Rock Island. 7 days and counting down until we breeze into Europe. Plan to practice pack this afternoon, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! While we were chatting with some of our friends yesterday, I was also enchanted to meet two ladies who came to the cafe for a late afternoon coffee, and they stopped to chat with me prior to leaving. They indicated they were both widows, asked about the party theme at the cafe, and instructed me "no question, you go, have as much fun as possible, don't hold back, keep stretching to experience new things in new places, don't ever WAIT".
That's pretty much my theme this week.

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L2 said...

Good advice for anyone - life is short, so live well!