May 08, 2007


I'm a list person - over the past 2 months there have been lists all over my house, my car, and my desk at work. But lately, as I get closer and closer to leaving USA, and hopefully, leading a much simpler existence in France, the lists are dwindling. I've found myself finding lists, reading them quickly, and throwing them away. I had a list of things to pack, I've stopped looking at it - everything is ready in a plastic tub for rapid transport into a carry-on suitcase. I have two small lists I carry with me; one for last minute items to purchase or complete, and one blank card for "other ideas". The card has been blank for more than a week, and I've decided it is an indication I am ready, or my mind is empty, or both. I think I'm mellowing. We hope to add some photos to the blog before we depart - Check on us.

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