May 17, 2007

First Pool View

Arrived in the small south-western French town that is our main destination for J's studies. The apartment and the views out the windows are beautiful. A winding stone staircase leads down to the shared garden, overlooking a green valley, and within view? The local outdoor swimming pool, less than a 1/4 mile away! Are disappointed to know that our international phone, purchased in USA is the one item we brought that was a waste of space - may contact the supplier to correct the problem - or not; have enjoyed being "unconnected", and will continue to enjoy the sensation. Enjoy our view out the bedroom - far off in the distance is the pool.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting journey so far. The pictures are great. Can't wait to read more. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, write some more! Not much to report here. An empty house in Rock Island blew up one day after you left, so I've been pretty dedicated about leaving your garage door open to air out! Weather turned cool and breezy. Your cat seems to be adjusting well - they were three feet apart today and seemed to be co-existing quite nicely. J is discovering what it's like to live with a playful cat. (Ask her about yoga!) Your mom called to say she'd heard from you. Let me know if I need to raise heck with the Int'l cell phone people. Saw Shrek last night, which was funny. That's all the news from home for now . . .L/Elle