May 19, 2007

French Pizza Saturday Night

Saturdays in the village the "Pizza truck" comes to
town, and we were happy to taste it! (Pizza Truck" visits other villages on 3 other nights of the week - Offerings? Everything from a "quatre fromage" (pronounced cat-r frohhhmaggg) = 4-cheese, to items such as "escagole" also known as escargo = snail, to something that J turned green just thinking about; "fermiere" with duck, tomatoes, mozzarella, tomato sauce and poultry entrails! The four cheese was absolutely delicious, and, as you can see, I fell off the carbonated beverage wagon and ordered some orange soda to go along. The Pizza Truck only visits our village on Saturdays. Sorry - no website to order ahead.

Went for a walk with J through the village, took a nice shot of the front of our apartment building (our apartment is in the back), a shot of one of the average streets looking down toward one of the rivers that surrounds the town, and finally a nice shot of a "Roman bridge", not sure if the sign is accurate, but we'll take their word for it. Also wandered along the swimming pool, is filled and looks good - but I'm sure the temperature is freezing - will be open early June. Have heard back from our international phone company - they will be sending a replacement phone for our dud - good! I am up to #6 in my cheese journal - I'm sure within a few weeks I'll have enough for part of a blog.

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