May 20, 2007

Rainy Sunday

5:20 pm, and it is still a little rainy outside. It was cool and blustery with the rain hanging around all day today. Learning the ropes with steam heat - radiators are pretty picky. Just returned from a French film - all about parenting and the struggles of raising preteens, in a G-rated format. It was a cute film, and struggling with kids seems to be universal. Will be joining J in a few minutes at another welcome party hosted by the school. Friday night we met at Cafe Calimero, a new pub that recently opened under new owners. The French barkeep was keeping with the whole French-style; cigarette with ash dangling from the corner of his mouth throughout his pouring another draft beer. They had good-looking steak/frite; grilled steak with a side of fries, and served with mayo on the side - did not try them, but they smelled pretty good.
Photo of the day: Wet steps leading up from the garden, covered in ferns and tiny wildflowers, with white roses curling their way along the railing.
Hope the weather wherever you are, is nice and sunny!

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Anonymous said...

Bright and in the 80's today. It's 1:20 at the Coffee Hound (yeah, got a late start), and I'm keeping the faith by sitting here with a cold toddy and the daily news. Hope you get a picture of the French bartender sometime. He sounds classic. You'll have to try the pommes frites sometime. I've always been told the fries with mayo thing is Belgian - guess I was misinformed! Anyway, they're delicious.

Pictures are great. I''ve just about given up on Snapfish - I may investigate Flicker or Picasso. I'll let you know if I ever get ireland posted. Glad to hear you got your pizza fix. I agree poultry entrails sounds like too much for two vegetarians to handle! Escargot might have been interesting.

The cell phone guy tells me all I have to do to get the pictures from my phone to my laptop is to enable bluetooth. Sounds like sorcery, but if I get it figured out, I'll send you the leaving QC shots for your journal. Best regards, and keep writing! L/Elle