May 21, 2007

Pain au chocolat

Monday evening; enjoying the low sun over the garden balcony. This afternoon I was pleased to see children enjoying swim lessons in the local pool, and wandered down to "see how it is done in France". I am still a certified lifeguard (American Red Cross - since 1978!), and swim lessons here look pretty much the same as USA, but thankfully no "Marco Polo" was played today. The pool must be heated, the evenings here have been much too cool and rainy for a non-heated pool to be utilized. Even standing on the outside of the pool gate, the chlorine smelled inviting (you have to be a swim-nut to understand). Perhaps I'll try to speak to the person in charge of the pool to see if I could volunteer - hand out equipment, sweep the deck, give out band-aids, the usual. Talked with our house sitter (L) this morning, and I didn't even wake her up! It is hard to wait until almost 4 pm here, in order not to call someone before sunrise. The cat and the house are doing well, and the cat is learning yoga, or at least learning how to interrupt someone else performing yoga. A good dinner of fresh green beans; toasted with a small amount of shallots/onions, some re-heated rotini with off-the-vine tomato sauce, and to finish? "Pain au Chocolat" (bread with chocolate baked inside) - better for breakfast but, what the heck?


charlene said...

Hi, I was glad to know that my blog went through to you. I love your pictures, your artistic ability is shining through. Hope John is enjoying school. Keep writing, I look forward to your e-mails on my breaks.


Kathy L. said...

Write more about chocolate. K