May 22, 2007

Porcelain Flowers and French Flower Shops

Tuesday, 8:30 pm - the sun does not set until 9:30 to 10 pm. J and I wandered down to the local cemetery, and I am intrigued by the china/porcelain flower arrangements that decorate the graves.

cemetery still in use, evident by 1-2 fresh graves. Red pea gravel/or crushed rose quartz (?) covers the ground and almost every grave is clearly designated with stone borders of about 2-4" tall.

graves have numerous crucifixes, and usually have 2 or more of
these porcelain flower arrangements,
even "baskets" are formed
from this material. A few USA friends are
hopeful for
French views of these historical artworks. I hope this suffices.

I am determined to visit most of the commercial businesses this week - it forces me to try to utilize the language. I visited a flower shop this morning, looking for a small vase, and between the shopkeeper who did not speak English, and me, who hasn't "much" French, we got the job done, I was even able to ask the shop-cat's name, "Caramel". I'm sure one of my future blogs will cover all the four-legged occupants of this small village, but that will be at a later date.
Tonight? Tomato soup, salad, and French wheat baguette with chevre (goat) cheese.
Have a great day.



L/Elle said...

My mother will be thrilled. Got all five! e-mails of photos. (Did you just keep hitting send or what?) Anyway, I'm sure she'll find them interesting.

Plan to take some pix over to the moms' soon. L/Elle

Preston said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I grew up about 1/2 hour from the QCA in Delmar, Iowa.

Where are you going to be in France? If you'd be willing to let me crash with you for a night or two that would be amazing. Let me know via my blog!