May 23, 2007

Blue Skies and New Babies

10:45 pm - was a good day. Talked with Sherry at home - she seemed surprised I would call. It is always good to hear (or read) a voice from home. Just corresponded with our niece, she has a great blog spot for her son, and expecting another child in June, whew! The day was gorgeous today; light breezes, warm, sunny, and leisurely. Took some photos of the well-maintained (and less maintained) buildings in and near one of the main squares of the village - post office, hotel, notary, etc. Also added a few shots of other sights around the school onto my album. Had dinner at the pub; steak/frite (steak and fries) - J ate the steak and we split the fries, then chocolate mousse for dessert, ahhhhh this is the life. Hope the day wherever you are is as blue and sunny as it was here. Farmer's market tomorrow morning, so I should get to sleep so I can rise with the roosters.

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