May 24, 2007

Palm Trees and Places to Dismount

Farmer's Market was amazing this morning, cruised in while they were still setting up: A booth of farm fresh eggs (that will need to be washed before use), and new honey. Three to four long lines of tables with fresh produce; covering everything from pomme terre (potatoes), to tiny radishes, to fragrant fruits of all colors and scents, 7-8 varieties of lettuce/spinach/other greens, perfectly-formed white mushrooms and tomatoes still on the vine, and meat! Two separate booths with fresh meat and fish (we ARE only ~2 hours from the sea here), and snails still wiggling in their shells. Another table; several kinds of strange cylindrical cheeses, dusted (I believe) with ash - don't ask me why - it is the tradition of the makers. And perfect flowers - a spectrum of colors and sizes and shapes ready for window boxes and garden walls. Yes, there will be photos of this splendor in a future blog; at this point I want to improve my conversational skills to the point that I will be encouraged to photograph the wares with the provider also at the booth.
Now on to "what's going on here...?" Some photos taken along our way: #1: Although I have yet to see a horse parked anywhere, there are frequent reminders of how to park when you dismount. #2 Amazing gardens surrounding the Angers Castle - the castle itself is in disrepair, and you have to look over the 4' wall to see down into to garden, but where is the king who ordered all this? #3 Speaking of kings and queens, Although Madame Royale did not win the election, there are still many in the region who do not wish to remove her posters along the streets. #4 The final "strange" of the day - lizards or chameleons scurry along by many of the palm trees in town, maybe that explains the rocky/sandy soil - we live near a beach!
Beautiful day here, I sunburned my toes reclining on the terrace.


Anonymous said...

Hey Marty-
WOW. I love your pictures! I just wish you would stop describing all of the great food you eat. Everytime I read about your food, I get hungry. Keep enjoying!

L/Elle said...

But do they have rhubarb?

Seriously, my mouth is watering just reading your descriptions. Sounds lovely. L/Elle