May 27, 2007

Surveys, Burros and Baking

Sunday, 10 pm - was a cold, wet, windy day. Walked in the blowing rain to SHOPI for a few necessities, but had to check the French dictionary before setting out - trying to bake today, and wasn't sure how to translate baking powder "levure", baking soda"bicarbonate", or cinnamon, "cannelle". J created a wonderful honey cake, and we shared it with the housemates. Everyone was hibernating in their rooms - trying to stay warm & cozy.

Yesterday we went for a walk in a new direction, and found a new friend. One of the instructors knows his name, and that he likes carrots, so I saved a few from our Sunday night vegetable soup for my new furry friend.

Want to take a survey as I finish up my first month of blogging: Am considering a single-page format (a page per day), instead of one continuous long line of entries, but not sure if my "subscribers" read the most recent day, and don't bother going back over "old" entries. Please leave a comment before June 1st - and let me know - a page a day, or a continuous "stream" of blogs - your votes count!


Anonymous said...

Well my vote is to keep with the continous stream of blogs. Sometimes I like to re-read the other days as they are so interesting. I also like to make sure I haven't missed an entry. I also like to make read other comments. I also have to say that your last blog on "What to Eat" did not make me hungry...for once. I think it was the horse meat thing. Good thing you are a vegetarian. Have a great one!

Anonymous said...

I vote for a continuous stream of blogs entries as well.

K said...

I vote for just the way you're doing it.

L,/Elle said...

Moi, aussi. I like to go back and reread days to remember what you've been up to. L/Elle

L2 said...

P.S. What's with the photo under about me? Are you in there somewhere? L/Elle

M said...

K/Kathy - I received your request for descriptions of more chocolate - and then deleted it by mistake. Now you know, I would NEVER delete chocolate, so just know - we are traveling to nearby town this weekend, and I will strive to bring more descriptions and photos of your and my favorite food.