August 03, 2007

Cafe Cats

Another 22 km bike ride to Thouars,
another visit with a different cat at the same cafe,
and another ride home again.
This cat was not willing to wake up to join me
for a free Coca-Cola, though.
Yes, his tail is only 3 inches long. I did not ask.

More entries to add for THE Question:
What would you do with your life
if you knew you would not fail?
From Scott:
Do I have to say
"broker a lasting peace in the Middle East"?
I would sell fabulous antiques
in a chic little shop somewhere.
I'd befamous the world over
with those "in the know".
I'd be interviewed by ultra fab magazines
like Town and Country.
I'd sell to Mr. Beckham and Posh Spice.
I'd have a place in Morocco.
Younger men would want to date me.
I guess I'll settle for selling stuff online here and there.

From Lisa:
If I won the lottery,
I'd form a foundation and have fun giving money away.
(But I'd save some for my travel habit.) whee!

From Anonymous:
I would be fit and at a healthy weight.


Kim G said...

What's with all of the cats in the local eating establishments? Should we see if we can talk Mr Adolph into having a cat at his eating establishment?

Did you hear about bridge in Minneapolis collapsing? Very sad. Does the French news cover American news? Or maybe you don't even have a TV to watch? Can't remember.

Kim G.

Joe said...

Sent you an email with a link to pictures from a friend's relatives in Belgian. I've not seen any of these pictures locally as of yet. Pretty telling group of photos...


M said...

we have a Belgium student here woh may be able to translate some of the info from your link for us - I agree, those photos are some that I have NOT seen on any of the other wire services. M