August 02, 2007

Clock Contest Update

Judges have picked the top 10 entries (so far), but it is not too late to submit what could be the winner. Pick a name for my laptop's monster clock; winner receives three 5x7" photos of their choice from any posted on my blog. Entries must be submitted before 14:00 USA (CST) or 21:00 France time, 10th August, 2007. Good Luck!


Kim G said...

Who are the judges?

I can't remember which names were mine. I hope you kept track. :)

Can we place votes as long as we don't vote for our own? If so, I would vote for "PinkMe" and "Pink Floyd".

Kim G

M said...

I AM the main judge, and am keeping track of those who cast votes for other contestants, with John helping for tie-breakers. As for which names you have entered for the contest, I will email you. (Yes I keep track).