August 17, 2007

Studio Escalier: Mercia

What would you do with your life if you knew you would not fail?

From Mercia-

"Very good question: Be an artist, an actress, write a book,
climb Everest just for the hell of it, travel around the world
and learn all the languages.
It's quite fun to fantasize about and see
where your imagination could take you.
But in the end, taking a risk is a huge part
of the satisfaction of success.
If there is no risk of failure,
there is no real joy in success.
They say in life that we must enjoy the path,
not the destination. Life would be so dull,
if we knew exactly how the journey would go
and where we would end up.
So I'd rather enjoy the risk as well as success
along the way"

1 comment:

Charlene said...

What would do with my life if I knew I would not fail. I would have to do something that dealt with people. I love to talk to people, all their different situations and their happiness and their not so happy times, which everyone goes through. I would have to deal with not only the rich, but also the poor. I have always like retail, so I would like to open the old Jewel/Osco store with a vareity of clothes all different quatity and prices. It is big enough you could have 3 or 4maybe even 5 different stores in it. But if I was 40 years young, and couldn't fail, I would love to meet a wonderful man and have 12 beautiful children that I knew couldn't fail and be the best mother I could with a very supportive father who would always be their to help. I have had enough disapointments in my life for a life time, I would just like to see how nice it would feel to relax and enjoy the good times.