August 17, 2007

Final Friday in Argenton

Last morning in the studio.

Last lunch at the Tabac.

Last sunset from our balcony.

In Argenton-Chateau.


Silver Fortress said...

marty- I'm very sad to see you go...
thank you for being part of our little community.
I hope to meet again soon - Paris? Santa Fe? NYC?
A-C? Rock Island? (the t.b. perhaps?)
My good luck charm is on the mantel for good - thank you!
safe travels,

M said...

Well if we end up meeting at T.B. in Rock Island - it will be the first time for John and me to visit there - I will buy you a beer!
M & J (In Bordeaux...)

Anonymous said...

hi martha just read your blog Very interesting!!! Now isuppose we will never keep you home.
Your Mom calls me sometimes We laugh a lot. You will be happy to know i am exerciseing . Love Carol

Anonymous said...

Kind of off any subject, since I have now checked out the final Harry Potter book off the shelf at the library, was there any sort of hubbub over there about it last month?

M said...

Yeah, Posters all over the place - did not notice if our small town "Presse Magazine" store carried copies or not.