August 21, 2007


Traveled the last few days from western France
down along the southern regions to Montpelier;
in southeast France. As we travel to larger cities
the enjoyment level increases in my favorite
French pastime: Cafe-Time.
Buy a food/drink item or two, sit facing the street
or pedestrian area, and prepare to be entertained.
Cafe-Time worked in a small town like Argenton-Chateau,
but with only one establishment with cafe tables,
and only open a few days a week,
and most of the passer-bys are people you recognize
- some of the fun goes out of the sport.

Charmed today by a small white poodle-mix
who, although well trained and obviously aware
to stay by his owners, was also free to wander
about as far as the average 5-year-old child;
(within sight - no fighting, must share toys,
playing tag is fine, do not trip the elderly,
and look both ways before you cross the street).
He rested beneath the cafe table when he needed to,
and played or explored when he felt like it.
In fact he was better behaved than most 5 year olds.

Hope to travel to a nature reserve near Montpellier;
La Camargue - known for its flocks of pink flamingoes,
black bulls, and wild white ponies -
found in marshlands near the mediterranean coast.
Have the bus timetable and grabbed a few brochures
for boat tours of the region - may give that a try tomorrow.

Area is much different than Argenton-Chateau;
11 km from the Mediterranean Sea with sandy soil,
and wide-spread vineyards.
The temperature feels much drier and warmer here,
and I look forward to a side trip to a beach soon -
I have to dip my toes into every ocean and sea I find.


Heather said...

Well, I have finally got around to commenting on your blog. :) Thanks for the comments you left on my blog a while ago.

Your blog is so lovely and inspiring! I love living in China, but I also love Western Europe and your pictures take me back there! Especially the well-behaved dog at the cafe. I always loved that about bars and cafes in Spain - you can find children, families, singles & dogs all enjoying life.

M said...
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M said...

I saw your comment before I approved it for publishing, and was racking my brain for a "Heather" I knew... You are the first! My husband and I are inspired by your travels and comments about a region where statements and viewpoints are muffled or silenced on a regular basis. And what a brilliant way to see a country - flying! From someone who has just recently been "infected" by the "yes we can and will travel where a passport is necessary and our birth language is not commonly spoken" bug, we hope to learn about and travel this world as much as you are. Thanks for constant eye-opening news. To also let you know; that Michael Jackson - Thriller prison video is now famous in a small town in western France... Marty

Anonymous said...

This almost reads like a poem. Enjoy life! L/Elle