October 14, 2007

If You Would Not Fail...

More answers for the ongoing question:
What would you do with your life
if you knew you would not fail?

From Timothy;
one of the two instructors
and owners
at Studio Escalier:

Stop sleeping Monday thru FRIDAY,
so I could paint all day, and teach all night.
Then, ask my French bank for 35 million dollars,
to buy and renovate every crusty building
in my town to my standards,
just as a weekend project
(including the old chateau.)
Lastly, elect a suitable friend as mayor,
who'd permanently restore the name of my town
back to Argenton-Chateau,
and build me a train link
from Saumur to HERE to Bressuire!

---Note from Marty:
Michelle -
I need your answer soon...
your comments to the same question are next...

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