October 14, 2007

Open Door Policy

Our house was built in 1929,
and John & I are the second owners,
buying this little slice of heaven in 1990.
The previous owner was a mailman in our city,
and we believe the home was built
utilizing mail-order house plans.

Our Craftsman/bungalow style home offers many special touches;
a built-in desk and covered bookcase on one side of the fireplace,
and a glass-fronted bookcase on the other, unusual light fixtures,
sparkly glass doorknobs, and warm, golden wood floors.

Most of the plaster walls had a single layer
of what may be 1930's wallpaper,
and much of the woodwork is in original condition.
We have an open-door policy,
so stop by some time and say hello!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I have never been over to your house. It looks great. Love the chandelier.
Kim G.

M said...

Well come on over some time!
You can help strip wallpaper and paint the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Sears or Gordon Van Tine, I wonder? L/Elle

P.S. The French wall-paper strippers are ready to resume work anytime. Their strike is over.