November 04, 2007

Go Outside and Play!

Our computers at home have to suffer through a dial-up internet connection. This area of town is scheduled to offer high speed internet soon, but in the mean time with online course requirements, I have been exploring the free wireless network options around town. Originally we enjoyed Wi-Fi at our favorite coffee house, but management changed, and belts need to be tightened. Now I have discovered that Panera Bread offers free wireless. I am cheap, I will NOT use pay-for-internet services at that world wide, monster-sized coffee business that shall remain unnamed, or at any other chain locations that charge for the service - when I can find it for free...

While in Europe we enjoyed free wireless through the art school, and while traveling we had a subscription to Orange-WiFi, which seemed to be the primary server throughout France.

I am hopeful that soon whole cities and towns will allow for quick, efficient, free wireless access, much like what is currently available in most USA hospitals, colleges, and universities. Just a quick question: Where do YOU get your internet; at home (quickly or slowly?), pay-for-service out and about, or at free locations?

Perhaps I am just spoiled, and should go back to my slow, unreliable dial-up - which encourages me to get off my computer more, and go outside an play - where everything is always free, quick and efficient.

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