November 16, 2007

Food Stuff

I'll admit it, pumpkin pie is my favorite food during Thanksgiving.
Although pumpkin pie done badly
can make a person swear off it for up to a year;
the nutty, spicy flavor of perfect pumpkin pie filling,
mixed with the highest level of flakiness and buttery taste
of a pastry-chef-quality pie crust,
topped with a finale of light-as-air
whipped cream
allows for heavenly dreams through New Year's Day...
Pumpkin pie will forever remain
my favorite part of November.

How about you?
Favorite food?
Favorite holiday-related food?
Weirdest holiday-related food?
White meat or dark meat?
Sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes?
A food item you would not miss if you never saw it again?

Let me know.

And wherever you are...Have a great Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Turkey honestly is probably my favorite food, so that covers holiday food as well, though I really do like Swedish heirloom cookies as well. I'm a white meat gal, mashed potatoes, would not miss that awful sweet potato casserole thing. Weirdest--I suppose the chow mein noodles mixed with melted butterscoth chips.

Anonymous said...

Sweet potatoes anytime! I love them microwaved with butter and pepper. While in Tucson this month, I saw a Rachel Ray recipe tv segment for sweet potatoes, pumpkin, chiptole, and chirizo casserole, so I made it. Spicy, but so good!~Ruth