November 29, 2008

Missed Mountains

I arrived at the Albuquerque Airport yesterday afternoon
as the sun was settling over the surrounding mountains,
turning the clouds and the snow-covered peaks
an unusual shade of pink and purple.
I've missed this state;
feels good to take a deep breath at 7,00 feet,
and have pizza with our neighbor,
and travel around neighborhoods where I feel at home,
and enjoy the views
of those amazing mountains again.
Hello New Mexico.
You've been missed.


Anonymous said...

Are you already back for good? I didn't know it would be this soon.

Anonymous said...

YEAH, well Illinois misses you. So there. Lisa

Anonymous said...

You remind me of how much I love NM! Mike and I have a new love--southern Texas. The scenery that we've seen so far in "our area" isn't spectacular though driving through Texas (& Oklahoma) to get there is ever changing and interesting. We continually imagine the history and people as we cover the landscape.

Sadly, we had to come back to cold Illinois, but we'll be there again in March. Next winter, we hope to stay for three months. Mike found enough to putter and repair to keep him busy plus he got to play golf twice a week. And we both got to read! That might be a perk of not having cable or internet in our little home.

The snow here is beautiful, but it's &%$* cold! ~Ruth