December 06, 2008


What is your favorite holiday season song?

Let's see how many ideas we get before the end of December...
Send a comment and I'll post it.

(Maybe we can vote for the best...?)


Elizabeth said...

Favorite Holiday - Halloween!
Favorite Snack - REAL Popcorn (no microwave crap) with real butter and that Cheddary Cheese sprinkle (or parmesan),eaten on the sofa with Colin (who made it!) and a Jim Beam and Soda.
Favorite Date Night - Wandering through art galleries or antique shops (on the night of the month when they are open late) then going to dinner after.
Favorite Girl Night Out - Anything involving pitchers of Sangria!
Favorite Christmas Gift - Jewelry!
Favorite exercise - Hiking in a beautiful place (with Colin, who always carries the day pack)
Favorite Dessert Food - Homemade Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies (not the non-homemade ones. THey always taste weird.
Favorite Place to go On Vacation - Any place with my sister Mary and her husband Jay
Favorite way to communicate - Letters and postcards!
Favorite Collectibles - Postcards friends send to me!
Favorite thing to do when no one else is around - Sing really loud and dance around to the stero

Anonymous said...

Song (actually pretty much post holiday)--Go tell it on the Mountain
Food--Swedish heirloom cookies
activity--baking with my mom or back in the day, going to State Street, Chicago Marshal Fields to see the windows decorated for Christmas and all the other assorted decorations.

Anonymous said...

Watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas and singing along to the Grinch song.

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas

Remembering family roots with a Swedish Christmas Eve dinner. (But we cut out the lutefisk!)


Songs: In the bleak midwinter / Holly & the Ivy / A Cherry Tree Carol (Old English/Celtic songs you don't hear much anymore) and, for lighter fare: The pagan and the Christian(a very funny song by Dar Williams)


Anonymous said...

I love Christmas carols, especially Carol of the Bells and I have fond memories of singing Come, oh come, Emmanuel in the choir loft as a kid as well as the other traditional ones.

Our food tradition has evolved over the years since we usually celebrate with our kids instead of the huge extended family gatherings we attended as kids. It wouldn't be Christmas without a Heavenly Ham and then Mike making his famous, secret recipe, potato soup with the bone!

Sometime we will watch A Christmas Story so we can laugh together. (You'll shoot your eye out!)~Ruth

mistyeyed said...
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Kathy said...

Favorite Holiday song-toss up between "do you hear what I hear?" and Carol of the bells by Mannheim steamroller.

Favorite snack for Christmas is probably the homemade caramel corn that my sister makes every year, and each year she complains just a smidge more about how long it takes to make it.

Favorite activity-last year I sang in the church choir and that was cool, but I would have to say going to my mom's house for "family day" which is close to christmas and having almost everone or everyone there and it is super noisy and crazy and we play a lot of games that usually involve yelling. Then I go home to my quiet house.