April 02, 2009

Baby, I'm Amazed

I'm amazed:
-at friends who have taken
four foster children into their
previously-childless lives,
with hopes of future adoption.

-at two friends in different parts of the country
who were unhappy;
have gotten divorces,
and now seem
happier and brighter
than I've ever known them to be;
with new lives,
new jobs,
and new men
who strive to make them happy.

-at my daily gaze on mountains
in all directions
within my view
at the post office,
or the grocery store.
or my job,
or my back door.

-at meeting friends of friends
and enjoying
our first time together
with a feel of;
wow, this person
is also
"Good People" .

-at laughing so hard
my stomach hurts
tears run down my face
and I want more of

-at jellybeans;
only-in-the spring
multi-vitamins of choice.

-at my Mom
who is
and who "digs" her flowers
in her front yard
in her side yards
in her backyard
and throughout her house,
who feeds and waters
the wild birds outside
who still subscribes to
"National Geographic"
and "Audubon",
who enjoys
over opinions
at her monthly
book-club meetings,
and still hates to cook,
but isn't afraid
to eat a Hostess pie
(individual-sized and
while she drives
and then only complains,
"the steering wheel
was really
by the time I got home".

-at my life
and how lucky I am;
being amazed
every day.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

How blessed you are to have a mom like you do! We had a birthday party for my dad's 87th two weeks ago, and my mom will be 87 in July. I hope that bodes well for us--good genes! I have a ton of pictures from the party on facebook.

Where is your mom? EM?