April 07, 2009

Jabba the Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough:
a very large lump of pizza dough
on a sidewalk
in the middle of the afternoon
in Santa Fe...

Jabba The Hut
in a galaxy far far away...

Same guy?
Yes, I think so, too.


Ruth said...

The obvious question--why is there pizza dough on the sidewalk in Santa Fe?

J/M said...

Well.... not sure - just one of those "Santa Fe Things" that isn't questioned or wondered about. It was located across the street from a pizza place. It also was a day or so before April Fool's Day... Whatever the reason it was just one more example of why I love this town - Where else can you hope to see strange things; like a 20-pound lump of baked pizza dough on a public sidewalk?
It could also be an evil alien.

globalgal said...

Hmmm. Interesting... For a split second I wondered if the dough had somehow cooked there on the sidewalk, but I guess it wouldn't be that hot, yet, would it? ;)

lisaloo said...

What kind of animal leaves pizza droppings?

The little caesar 'noid?
A little warning from the "godfather?"
Pizza (the jabba) Hut?

The mind reels.

Krista said...

So it DOES exist! That thing could have made a killer still life (and probably would have come to life late at night when Emile was the only one left in the studio, stalking him in a sort of crunchy, crumbly horror sequence).