May 16, 2009

The American Dream - Winner(s)

I think the American Dream would just have to be the idea that we are all given as children: that you can be anything you want to be, and there are opportunities for all. I think Americans generally have a boundless sense of optimism and enthusiasm that attracts people to our country from all over the globe. The American Dream is that anything is possible!



First Runner-up:

Perhaps it's easiest to say that I don't know what my American Dream is, because it changes with me. I have been called closed-minded in the past, but I dream of an America where people judge each other on their own merits and abilities and not upon arbitrary societal labels that have nothing to do with the heart of a person. I dream of a comfortable life but know that money causes more problems than it solves. I wish Americans were more literate than they are, to realize that Thoreau was not a crank living at the edge of the village but a man searching for his soul and the soul of his country. I wish that rampant consumerism wasn't the outer symbol of an inner soul, even if I do plug in my iPod and thereby at times make the world go away, a musical cone of silence.



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