May 10, 2009

Hiking Bandelier National Park

Hiking today with J & Corrie,
a contract physical therapist I had worked with
in Peru, Illinois last winter.

Drank much water
during the 5 hours of hiking,
but still had a red face
at the end of the day.
(Work - not sun!)

Cowboy hat
and forest-green pants;
I thought perhaps
I could pass as a park ranger,
but the red face ruined my disguise.


lisaelle said...

We've got to get up there when I visit (although it looks like I should train for it first!) LIsa

J/M said...

I'd say "run the steps" (up AND down) at Illinewek oh, 10-20 times/2 days per week, and you'd be set.

Or walk from EM to Geneseo... And back, 3 times per week...

Or walk up/down Brady 4 times/5 days per week...

You get the picture.