May 02, 2009

Finding Voice

She finally found her voice in Santa Fe.
Before; she had been quiet and shy,
unwilling to meet strangers.
Nervous about being touched or held.
She was hungry for contact
and yet afraid.
An individual of the night
slinking in and out of shadows
running from the light.
She had always been proud and powerful,
and was not one to shrink from fighting
for what she knew was hers.
She was not large, but she radiated energy
and grace, and silliness, and a childlike wonder of her world.

But in Santa Fe she mellowed
and began reaching out to those around her.
First, only the closest were allowed to touch and hold,
until she herself decided to initiate contact.
Then she began to willingly meet others
nearby at first
and then reaching to those from farther away.
She could sense good
and was pulled to learn more about it.

Now in Santa Fe, she sings freely;
full volume
and full of energy.
She runs to greet friends
and strangers;
quickly making new friends
with every new someone she meets.

She is no longer afraid of touch
and will now even enjoy frequent
and especially

Luna has found her voice
and her place
in Santa Fe.


1 comment:

LisaL said...

I must have missed that shrinking from contact part when she was loudly demanding to be fed every night at your house while you were gone and I was watching the place! LIsa