January 30, 2010


Welcome: The haggis.

David and Eliza; our gracious hosts for the merry-making evening.

The haggis reading.

Scottish accents: Always a crowd-pleaser!

Poems to food.

Dorthy's amazing salad; like a wonderful still-life.

Reading and singing Burns' works with Scotch Broth and Rumbledethumps.

Scotch Broth with veggies and lamb, and the magical golden sauce for the bread pudding.

Hmm... A bit out of focus at this point in the evening.

Happy Birthday Robert Burns.


Elizabeth said...

Colin is a Burns... that's his mom's maiden name and even they came over from Scotland. He favors his Portuguese-Jewish heritage in looks however.ce

Lisa said...

Hoot, man - looks like a verra fine time. Just grand! Lisa